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Brand Design

Barry Dennis:

“I've had the opportunity to work with Larry over the past several months in developing my brand to start up my business. He has been in integral part of this process! His creativity, knowledge, and marketing expertise has resulted in a very successful product…”

- TrueBody Health Systems, Ontario, CAN

Dr. Michael Carter:

“Larry has consistently delivered high end, creatively developed logo, business cards, and brochures that have been the highlight of me advertising my medical practice.

Thanks Larry!”

- Atlanta Liposuction,

Atlanta, GA

J. Wayne Johnson:

“I was referred Larry to when I first started my firm. I’ve used him for everything from my Logo, to cards, and all of my advertising products for the past 5 years. Since hiring him, I have been 100% pleased with his creativity and ideas...”

- Johnson Law,

Dallas, TX


Growing up with a natural love for the arts, from music, to sketching and writing, Larry Wriser took every opportunity afforded him to develop his artistic abilities. Larry's love for art led him to study architecture, and computer aided drafting in high school and college along with any available art related courses offered. After 4 years of architecture and mechanical drafting, Larry graduated and began a promising career as a patent and trademark draftsman, during which time he took part in the development and trade marking of thousands of patents you may use every day. However, after a major slump in the economy, primarily due to the debilitating effects of events that occurred on 9/11, Larry was forced to venture out on a new career path. On this path,  Larry discovered a growing trend of people who were also forced from the typical workforce and almost forced into using their knowledge, skills, and hobbies, to create their own businesses. Intuitively, Larry realized that most of these visionaries did not have the knowledge and/or resources necessary to launch their dreams in a manner which would ultimately lead them to financial freedom.  As a result, rather than following the masses and simply migrating towards the next status quo type job, Larry decided to step out on faith and pursue his own entrepreneurial dream.  However, the caveat is that Larry’s vision included serving others in such a manner as to help them realize their own entrepreneurial spirit and soar towards their individual dreams of financial independence (blessed to be a blessing).

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“Trust your brand in the hands of someone with years
of industry experience, that understands the market
and what consumers respond to.”

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